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When her island home of Eire is threatened by the most formidable army in the ancient world, Keelin, a fearless chieftain’s daughter gifted in the arts of healing and telepathy, joins forces with clan warriors to help defeat the invader.

To the Waters and the Wild

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Shrouded in mystery, ancient Eire nurtured a people both eloquent and fierce. Scholars and warriors were honored with like reverence and women were recognized as equals to men. Within this isolated world of poetry and warfare, Keelin, a fearless chieftain's daughter, struggles to understand her fate. Gifted by the gods in the arts of healing and telepathy, and destined to become a priestess, she nonetheless rails against such a solitary and self-sacrificing life. She chafes under the strict tutelage of the austere priestess, Nuala, who demands unerring scholarship and dedication. Torn by conflicting emotions, Keelin imagines a life possible only in her dreams.

Keelin’s troubles are soon overshadowed by a deadly threat to her island home. Déaglán, a seafarer and spy, returns from a voyage with frightening news. The most powerful civilization in the ancient world has turned a covetous eye toward Eire and an invasion is imminent. Rife with clan rivalries and blood feuds, Eire and its defiantly independent people seem doomed. Keelin is forced to resolve her internal strife and quickly hone her extrasensory powers—powers she has kept carefully hidden—to help defeat the invader. So, too, Eire’s clans must unite their warriors to battle the forces of the Roman Empire. Among these warriors is Brian, who Keelin has alternately hated and loved for as long as she can remember. The approaching battle will irrevocably seal their fate.

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Susan McGrath

I grew up at the western end of Malibu when it was considered undesirably remote. There was a small country market with a hitching rail, unfenced fields of barley, only a scattering of houses, and peacefully empty beaches. It was a perfect place for a shy, rather solitary girl like me. When I was not reading, I was riding my old mare, Rocket, through the hills and on the beach, weaving stories and daydreaming.

In my early thirties, I visited Ireland and immediately felt at home. Of mostly Celtic ancestry, I could see my brothers, sisters, and cousins in the faces of the Irish people. It was uncanny. The small island, with its rich history, green fields, and beautiful poetry, captured my imagination and heart and has never let go. My degree in history from UCLA served me well as I pored over books on ancient Ireland, enjoying my own flights of fancy as I read.

My family and career consumed most of my waking hours for many years but I never stopped dreaming. When our daughter was young, she loved my stories of magical, shapeshifting creatures and mysterious castles. I admit, I loved them also. When I retired, I bought Flanagan, a thoroughly likable big horse, and started riding in the hills again. During those rides, Keelin’s story began to unfold and I created the world of ancient Ireland, loosely anchored in history and filled with fantasy, excitement, and danger. It is a world into which I love to escape.

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Publisher Seanachie
Genre Historical Fiction
Publication Date May 21 2019
ISBN 9780991449323


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