Utterly Beautiful

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This book is exciting, beautiful, touching, and thought provoking. Set in Ireland before the attempted roman invasion of 85AD, this book combines magic, history, military tactics, and personal relationships for a spellbinding story.

Keenan is the chieftain's daughter and an unwilling apprentice to the local Dagda priestess. Her uncle is a spy who returns with reported information about the Romans in Britain planning to take Erie (Ireland) in the spring. As the chieftains of the frequently warring clans try to decide if they can work together enough to stave off the Roman invasion and her uncle works to uncover a traitor in their midst, Keenan struggles with her own future path. She has an immense amount of power that she hopes to use to help save her people, but she does not know if the mystic Dagda are the future she wants. She only knows that she does not fit in, either with the people around her, or the Dagda... and that she likely will not be able to use her powers unless she becomes one of the Dagda.

Add in some romance and the struggles common to a 17 year old female of any era, and you have a wonderful and well rounded story.