I was instantly mesmerized and hooked

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Although the exceprt was short, I instantly connected with Keelin. She seems like a wild, carefree, strong female character. I already know I'm going to care deeply for her and her choices in the story.

I felt a magicalness within the exceprt that I cannot wait to continue when the book releases. The way the author wrote, it's just beautiful and pulls you in and makes you want to continue reading. She just writes so descriptive. I had no problem picturing Kau, Keelin's gorgeous, powerful horse or the beautiful meadow she fell asleep in, for example.

The synopsis sounds exactly like my kind of adventure. The magic, the Celtic mythology, Keelin's people, the mystery, clan rivalries, the fight for your home. I am very excited for this book. I also can't wait to see what grows between Keelin and Brian. I enjoyed their little witty banter.