Anchored in Celtic Magic

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A fearless chieftain’s daughter. Gifted by the gods in the arts of healing and telepathy, and destined to become a priestess, she nonetheless rails against such a solitary and self-sacrificing life. When Eire is threatened by Roman invaders, Keelin must resolve her internal strife and join clan warriors to save her island from destruction.
To the Waters and the Wild is loosely anchored in history and filled with fantasy, excitement, and danger.The book is cleverly set in an alternative ancient Ireland, Keelin has her whole future laid before her. She is destined to be one of the wise women, valued for their gifted abilities,
Escaping into the world of ancient Ireland with characters, The seamlessly brings the well developed characters, Keelin and Brian to life.
When it comes to the writing of this story, I really enjoyed the rich, descriptive language because it really made me feel like I was alongside the characters in the story experiencing what they were. A wonderful book with engaging storyline and fleshed out characters.