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Sensitivity is the source of our most authentic strength, and our superpower for the future.

The Gift of Sensitivity

The extraordinary power of emotional engagement in life and work

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"A compelling perspective on the way a form of neurodivergence can ultimately drive effective adaptations rather than serve as a source of difficulty... a unique self-help book focused on the benefits of sensitivity." —Kirkus Reviews.

"A welcome guide for business leaders looking for new ideas and advice when revamping their sensitivity training or for anyone in need of adjusting their mindset and finding new ways to express and feel their emotions." —Publishers Weekly.

"When groups congregate, having even one highly sensitive person increases the group's effectiveness. Humans thrive on collective action, and sensitive people like being part of a group and will work to make the group successful. The empath's social nature guides others in improving health and happiness. For those of us who are less sensitive, there are lessons to be learned from the highly sensitive." —Dr. Paul J. Zak, Professor, speaker, neuroeconomist, and author of Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of Happiness_.

This is the era of emotion: EQ training for employees, empathy in leadership, the Experience Economy of consumers. But how do we access the full potential of creativity, originality, innovation, intuition, flexibility, and inclusiveness that emotions can unlock? Through sensitivity. Sensitivity is the degree to which we sense and perceive the world. For too long we have seen it as a weakness, especially in business: Elena Amber demonstrates that it is the source of our most authentic strength, and our superpower for the future.

Elena Amber brings her years of research in human experience and psychology, focused particularly on emotional engagement, her international business experience and her profound meditation practice to show how connecting to emotions by embracing sensitivity unlocks our most extraordinary and profound faculties.

Message From The Author

Why I Wrote The Gift of Sensitivity and Why You Might Want to Read It

We all born sensitive; I have never met any human without the ability to feel. However, most of us are frozen or disconnected, emotionally stultified. Others are vulnerable and wounded and prefer not to touch the emotional zone, which is often a source of pain. Therefore, many of us prefer a life of self-control instead of a life of freedom. A paradigm focused on self-control rather than self-exploration rules the day.

A New Paradigm: Emotional Liberation Over Self-Control

What if there was a different way—a path that allows you to say farewell to emotional suppression and welcome emotional emancipation? This book will guide you through shedding old emotional burdens and stepping into a realm of emotional health. The invitation here is to change your lens on life, unlock your hidden emotional reservoirs, and surrender to your true nature, for we are not destined to confront our emotions.

Many treat sensitivity as a problem in need of a cure. I encourage you to see it as a gift in need of curation. Why does this paradigm shift matter? The Gift of Sensitivity: The Extraordinary Power of Emotional Engagement in Life and Work aims to change the way you think about emotions and sensitivity by addressing questions like:

The Illusion of Experience: Why experience doesn't matter at all;

Positive vs. Negative Emotions: Is the aim to minimize negative emotions or build positive ones—and why neither approach is the complete answer;

The Backyard of Free Will and Consequences: Understanding the ripple effects of your emotional choices;

Breaking the Chains of 'Energy Lethargy': Why it's crucial to break free from emotional stagnation and how to do it;

Unlocking Emotional Reservoirs: What are "emotional baskets," and how they can be your untapped source of strength;

The Creative Conundrum: Why you cannot fully engage with creativity, innovation, originality, inclusiveness, and connectedness unless you embrace your sensitivity;

Never Sever the Emotional Cord: Why you should not disconnect from your emotions, especially making significant life and work decisions.

Are you ready to redefine sensitivity and discover the extraordinary potential it holds? Embark on this enlightening journey, for it promises nothing less than emotional revolution and a life reshaped by the power of authentic sensitivity.

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Elena V. Amber

Elena V. Amber is a hybrid author with a debut creative non-fiction book, "The Gift of Sensitivity: The Extraordinary Power of Emotional Engagement in Life and Work." The member of IBPA. She is a dedicated researcher of human emotional potential with C-level executive background spanning 15+ years of international business with polydisciplinary degrees in management, biology, executive business administration, and psychology at the Master’s level and is also pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. In this work, she blends behavioral psychology and economics and applies neuroscience to study the behavioral factors that influence sustainable consumption and engagement in the Experience Economy.

Drawing on her extensive research and personal experiences, she provides a fresh perspective on what it means to be human in an age of technological acceleration, highlighting the importance of emotions in both our personal and professional lives.

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Publisher Practical Inspiration Publishing
Genre Self-Help
Publication Date Nov 20 2023
ISBN 9781788605021
ISBN 9781788605014


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