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So I'm not normally a book lover when it isn't fiction but as a neurodivergent who has struggled with being called too sensitive at every point in my life - even currently. I love the message you are spreading with this book and it's made me even look at myself differently. I grew up thinking the way I am was wrong and in all actuality I didn't know I was neurodivergent until I was an adult. I can't tell you how this book really helped me accept myself for being who I am. I think this book should have better ratings than 3 stars due to the message alone. Although I know most people are insensitive and that's probably why it's rated a 3 star- I've found most people can't understand when they're wrong, that or they flat out refuse so I'm going to assume the haters are raised on the premise I was where sensitivity isn't okay. I'm very thankful to have found your book and I truly appreciate the message you're sending to the world with it!