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The Unexpected Path to Fulfillment

Sex, Drugs, and Radical Self-Expression

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Your path to unparalleled personal fulfillment begins here.

No matter how badly you’re hurting, no matter how badly you think you’ve screwed up your life…

Let me help you turn it around.

When I was eighteen, I was an absolute mess. Every area of my life was circling the drain. Drug use, petty crime, depression…I felt completely worthless and alone.

If I can grow from there to where I am now—living my dream life in Bali, owning multimillion-dollar companies, spending my days surfing, working when I want, feeling amazing and blessed every day—then you can too.

The truth is that a fulfilling and rich life (in every sense) begins with the relationship you have with yourself.

Years ago, I started healing that relationship, connecting with my heart, and learning to be guided by my intuition. With each practice, my happiness and success expanded.

In this book, I share how I did it. I invite you to come along for the journey.

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Barry Williame Magliarditi

Barry Williame Magliarditi is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, philanthropist, and spiritual guide. Through his global coaching enterprise, The Game Changers, Barry has mentored thousands of business owners to scale to seven figures and beyond while creating a life of balance, freedom, and fulfillment. His podcasts, The Comeback Game, and The Tradie Business School have over two million downloads.

Today, Barry spends his days surfing, writing, and creating meaningful change in the world through his professional channels and grassroots business initiatives—helping others upgrade their beliefs, attitudes, and spiritual connection to reach their fullest potential.

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Publisher Lioncrest Publishing
Genre Self-Help
Publication Date Dec 07 2021
ISBN 1544526628


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