Inner Healing

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When I read Sex, drugs, and radical self expression I thought that the book was very inspirational. It had me reflect on my self and others around me. It definitely gave me a better understanding on what addiction such as sex, drugs, acholic, etc. can do to a person and their loved ones. Like how the main character was able to achieve greatness after over coming these addictions. It was very inspiring to see this character reach rock bottom in their life and was able to fight to achieve their dreams and gain the dream that many have. I like how the author also put his own experience to this book without sugar coating his experience with addiction. I think him being able to put that in his book probably would inspire the reader more, knowing that real people go through this experience. I also really enjoyed the cover. I thought that the colors grabbed my attention and the heart symbolizing self love was a nice touch. Overall I really enjoyed this book and I think everyone should read it to get a better understand of the message this book carries.