Perfect for Shinnies

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As a Shinji Ikari kinnie, this book really spoke to me. Reading this book was, to me, like my own personal thirf impact. I'm not perfect - no one is - but we can change and become better. I may have problems with my father and giant robots and aliens instead of drug use, but nonetheless this book helped me. Since reading, I've really reflected on myself to see that I, like the author, belong! I want to be myself! I want to continue existing in this world! My life is worth living here! I can now listen to my intuition and make better decisions. Additionally, I have been able to realize my own feelings and emotions. I see now that I have depression and abandonment issues, as well as trauma from the numerous hardships I have been forced through. I finally allowed myself to grieve over the death of a friend. The meditations have also been helpful. They make me feel like I'm becoming a warm orange liquid. This book has been life-changing!