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I knew with this book I had to keep an open mind. It hits the topics and concepts around breaking free from the most common addictions, being sex, drugs, and alcohol. Although it is a self help book I believe that it can be used educationally to help someone dealing with a family member or friend.

The author Barry has provided stories and experiences from his own life. I imagine that is highly relatable for those that are struggling and plagued with their own addictions. Easy to understand. Provides concepts and ideas and tools to help with self-improvement and recovery. Some religious undertones that might be quite spiritual for the reader that needs something like this in their life that they didn't think they needed. It is motivating and the message is beautifully laid out in these pages.

Personally, I am not sure if something like this is going to really help someone that doesn't want to be helped. Clearly it is more for someone on their way out of their darkness that just needs a little motivation to get over the little struggles. It is interesting information, but I just don't know if it packs the punch that will captivate every reader that should be gained from this testimonial.