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The creator of the blog and Facebook page Finding Cooper’s Voice shares her raw, honest, and inspiring journey of raising a child with severe autism and coming into her own as a mother.

Forever Boy

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With her popular blog, Finding Cooper's Voice, Kate Swenson has provided hope and comfort for hundreds of thousands of parents of children with Autism. Now, Kate shares her inspiring story in this powerful memoir about motherhood and unconditional love.

When Kate Swenson’s son Cooper was diagnosed with severe, nonverbal autism, her world stopped. She had always dreamed of having the perfect family life. She hadn’t signed up for life as a mother raising a child with a disability.

At first, Kate experienced the grief of broken dreams. Then she felt the frustration and exhaustion of having to fight for your child in a world that is stacked against them. But through hard work, resilience and personal growth, she would come to learn that Cooper wasn’t the one who needed to change. She was. And it was this transformation that led Kate to acceptance—and ultimately joy. In Forever Boy, Kate shares her inspiring journey with honesty and compassion, offering solace and hope to others on this path and illuminating the strength and perseverance of mothers.

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Kate Swenson

Kate Swenson is the creator of the blog and Facebook page Finding Cooper’s Voice, which has almost 500,000 followers. She speaks regularly about autism, parenting, and motherhood, and is a contributor to TODAY Parents, The TODAY Show, and the Love What Matters blog. Kate’s video, “The Last Time It’s Going To Be Okay,” was featured by The TODAY Show and has been viewed over 30 million times. Her mission is to create a safe space for families of children and teens with special needs to come together and laugh, cry, and support each other. She lives in Minnesota with her family.

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Publisher Park Row Books
Genre Biographies & Memoirs
Publication Date Apr 05 2022
ISBN 9780778311997


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