An eye-opener and beauitful read

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I received this book as a BookishFirst winner for a giveaway. I've been thinking about this book a lot, and it's taken a while to write a review that can adequately put words to the roller coaster of emotions that came with this book. This book made me cry, a lot. I felt happiness for when Cooper was able to accomplish a goal, and sadness for Cooper and family when Kate talked about the bad days. Overall, the book gave me a better appreciation for families that have children with autism.

I am currently studying to become a speech pathologist, and classes on childhood development often include lessons about children with autism. Studying is obviously a clinical approach- and while we are taught to always think of the whole-child, there is nothing like reading a first-hand account of how people's lives are actually affected by autism. Some of the anecdotes that Kate tells about her meetings with clinicians and doctors were very eye-opening for me. It shows the importance of compassion and word choice when speaking with families.

Thank you Kate Swensen for sharing your life- your ups and downs raising a child with autism and for giving hope to families who struggle.