Strong Memoir

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Autism is a tough subject though like a lot of stuff nowadays, it is easier to share and talk about it. This book does a good job in hitting the highs and lows of autism while still having a good personal touch. I enjoyed the book enough that I also went and looked up Kate Swenson's blog, just to see what it was about.

The journey I followed Kate on with her life and hard times and how she adjusted to the new reality when Cooper was born was enlightening. She was very honest in portraying the challenges that she faced, including problems with going out in public. Her descriptions of Cooper’s meltdowns were vivid and heartbreaking. Kate wrote without holding back anything to save face. She was honest about the difficulties in her marriage and her trouble relating to other parents who did not understand. After all, no one expects to have a child with special needs and her desire to be a mother with a child who could relate to other children was understandable as well as heartbreaking.

This was a good memoir and I enjoyed reading it.