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A literary mystery – antic and amusing, refreshingly profane, elaborately staged, compulsively readable

Corrupted Humours

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"A fever engaging, serpentine, and multilayered tale of death, passion, and people."
Kirkus Reviews

"Complex protagonists and their interwoven narratives create a distinctive literary mystery with a bent toward the philosophical."
Publishers Weekly

Corrupted Humours opens with the explosion of Albert Snaedeker on the operating table during routine surgery. The deceased’s cousin, an oil heir, and publisher of Angle magazine, assigns his reporter and sometime novelist, Owen Berk, to investigate.

Berk not only pursues the whodunnit,howdunnit questions but, intrigued by the bizarre death and the people surrounding it, transforms them into characters in a novel. In the story, Snaedeker's surgeon's depressed wife is indoctrinated into the world of S/M and has an imagined flowering. Berk's novel is woven into the framing narrative until the plots converge as Berk falls in love with the woman, wondering how much of his passion is for her, how much for the fantasy figure he has turned her into.

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Donald Friedman

Novelist, short story writer, and essayist, Donald Friedman is the author of the multiply translated The Writer's Brush: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture by Writers, which The New York Times Book Review described as "sparkling audaciously on every page," and which the American Libraries Association called "a grand feat of research and interpretation." His first novel, The Hand Before the Eye, black comic and shot through with religious themes―praised by Publishers Weekly for "its impassioned finale of spiritual redemption,"—was a Vanity Fair Hot Type Recommendation. You're My Dawg, Dog: A Lexicon of Dog Terms for People, has brought pleasure equally to dog and word lovers.

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Publisher Bottom Turtle Press
Genre Literary Fiction
Publication Date Aug 29 2020
ISBN 9781734887204


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