A Page Turner Right From the Start - Must Read This One!

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I love it when a book immediately draws me into the action, CORRUPTED HUMOURS is just that kind of book. The opening scene is definitely unique - a colonoscopy gone wrong... very wrong, and Betty, the sister of the deceased wants a full investigation. Time to lawyer up. However, there is a brief diversion to the back story of the about-to-be-contacted attorney. He is a scoundrel with various pseudonyms for his less-than-stellar writing career; there are magazine articles and piles of leftover copies from his books which had only a 500 copy run to start. He also has to handle his frustration at being in his sixties with a hormone-fueled sex drive of someone much younger. (And he is so very proud of the fact that his longer ring finger is supposed to indicate he had extra testosterone as a fetus.) The latest object of his attention is a New York public park guide cutie named Kjirsti, and although she suspects he is a dirty old man, off she goes to his apartment. This cast of characters is unique and seems to be a must read book! I've got my fingers crossed that I win an ARC of this!