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A Cyberstalker, a Deadly Obsession, and the Twisting Path to Justice.

A Tangled Web

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In the tradition of her legendary mother Ann Rule, bestselling author Leslie Rule delivers a riveting true story for our time, exposing the complex web of online manipulation and identity theft woven by the scorned woman at the heart of a real-life fatal attraction.

A TANGLED WEB examines the case of Shanna Golyar, the scorned lover in a lopsided love triangle who murdered her romantic rival, Cari Farver, and impersonated her online to hide her death. When Shanna Goylar was arrested in 2016 and sentenced to life in 2017, her bizarre murder plot made national news. But her victim’s body was never found and her past remained a dark mystery…until now…

With mesmerizing detail and compelling narrative skill, Leslie Rule tracks every step of the heart-pounding path to long-awaited justice—from a sociopath’s twisted past to the deadly deception and the high-tech forensics that condemned the killer to prison, where the tangled web of manipulations still draws trusting souls into danger.

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Leslie Rule

Leslie Rule is an artist, photographer, and bestselling author of nonfiction and suspense. She is the daughter of Ann Rule, one of the best known American true crime writers of all time, and served as her research assistant and trial photographer beginning from age seventeen. A longtime vegetarian, Leslie Rule is an animal advocate and has participated in the rescue of over a hundred cats and dogs, establishing her own nonprofit animal shelter in 2005. Leslie lives in Seattle.

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Publisher Kensington Publishing Corp.
Genre True Crime
Publication Date Apr 28 2020
ISBN 9780806539973


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