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Leslie Rule did a amazing job at writing to keep us at the edge of our seats with this one . I truly didn't want it to end . As we live in the world with internet, cyber , and pretty much anything it definitely gives you a feel in how the world has changed due to many of us or all depend on the internet on a daily basis . It sure can happen to anyone of us with our phones , social media , and the internet. A complete Tangled up Web .When I was reading this book I wasn't sure how I would feel but she definitely gave it a great HOmerun on this one of Crime . She stayed on the Victims family which is what many of us would want to get the crime solved. When he is tired of all the drama he then moves on to another . I feel that the character Liz gets jealous at this point with the obsession is born . Dave is happy with his quest of the Character Cari . I definitely would read this