Loved this true crime debut! Such a twisted case!

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I knew about this case before picking up this one by the late great Ann Rule’s daughter Leslie Rule. I have to say that I was impressed with how this crazy internet tale that was almost impossible to follow was broken down and explained well.

It’s such a sad tale of obsession and almost impossible to believe it was real. I found myself wondering why the cops didn’t figure out the culprit sooner (as did apparently a lot of people). It seemed so obvious to me as an outsider reading the story.

This woman is beyond nuts and heartless. There are no words for how much time and effort she put into tearing not only the victims life, the victims families as well as her object of desire, Dave.

I highly recommend this for all true crime readers. It’s was super well done from all sides and very thorough. I STILL want to know more as crazy as that sounds.

Leslie will be a great source for true crime reads if she continues to write them. I’ll be on the lookout for sure.

Five stars from me in the true crime genre!