Cyber Stalker True Crime

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Loved that Leslie Rule added some of her families back ground information at the being! Found it insightful and intriguing, as well as fascinating. And to she had ties to Ted Bundy wow!!!! Love her writing style, the details, and the realism of the story she can capture and portray.
I love true crime stories and Leslie captures you right off the bat! There has been a murder, a young woman by the name of Shanna. But the details of her murder are not shared right away! Then you meet Dave and wonder who is and what his connection to this story is. Like most single people now a days, the internet plays in intricate part of dating. So for me this book drew me in even more because like most online daters we all have our misjudgments and trepidation!!! Is something going to happen to David or is David the murderer. ( I did not read the back story line before I read the first impression!!!)
As you read about Dave, you are drawn to his story.
What happens to him, why are we reading about his history (past and present)? As I continued to read, I wasn't sure if I liked Dave or not ... His encounter with Liz and the story that pursued after that kept giving me mixed emotions about both people, but I kept wanting to read on and on. I felt like I was reading a novel that Fatal Attraction was based on!!!!! I want to continue to read what happens and what webs will be weaved!!!!