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Short stories by Africa's most promising emerging fiction writers

The Newlyweds' Window

The 2022 Mukana Press Anthology of African Writing

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Who are Africa’s most promising emerging short story writers? Mukana Press sought to answer this question by scouting the continent for largely undiscovered talent. The result? This collection!

Africa’s stories have largely been relegated to themes of poverty, and war; yet there is so much more brilliance, texture, and layers to our stories. This collection seeks to provide a platform for the rest of the world to become acquainted with the excellence of talent outside of the mainstream, as well as tell our stories from fresh vantage points.

A young woman creates an alternative identity on social media in Nigeria, a little girl discovers hidden photographs of the father she never met, a serial killer stalks his victims, a woman watches the evolution of a newlywed couple’s relationship through their window in Zanzibar. The stories in this collection are eclectic, breathtaking, and illuminate readers to an Africa that has largely been left untold.

Estimated Ship Date: July 5th, 2022


Mukana Press

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Publisher Mukana Press
Genre Multicultural Interest
Publication Date Jul 05 2022
ISBN 9780578397146


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