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One of the best fantasies I've ever read

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The cover and premise of this beautiful book left me with no doubt that I'd love the adventure and characters waiting for me on these pages and now, after finishing way past my bedtime last night, I need book two now. I've already marked the sequel as to-be-read long before I reached that cliff hanger of an ending that left my chin and heart on the floor of my living room.

Zahru is so real and makes a fun protagonist to get to know and travel with through all her adventures. She is snarky, acts and speaks before thinking (her impulsiveness makes for exciting edge-of-seat reading time), kindhearted, smart, and loves her family and friends with such strong loyalty. The first person point of view from Zahru immeditely pulled me into this stunning and believable world and never let me go.

Jet--I now have a new book boyfriend! I so love when an author can create characters that pull on my emotions like Jet.

The themes of doing greater good than self, friendship, family, and learning self acceptance make this fantasy novel a well-rounded tale. The author never skimped on the depper issues or showing the emotional turmoil. She twisted the plot in surprising ways for me and that always makes me love a book even more. The world building is some of the best I've ever read and the magic seemed like it really existed and was easy to understand. I highly recommend this book for fantasy lovers and anyone who loves character-driven stories.