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OMG this book was out of this world. When it said that this was for fans of Holly Black they meant it! I loved the flow of the story and need the next one now!! The charters were full and spectacular and I could not love them more.

From page one this book took you on a wild adventure that I will not soon forget. The romance in this one, although it was a love triangle worked out well for this story. So even if you don't care for love triangles I would still check this one out.

The characters in this one go from all good and all bad to some very grey characters that made this a well rounded story for these guys. I loved how even if you thought you knew what someone would choose that you could be wrong. The characters were flawed and that made me love them even more.

This debut will kick your socks off and you will be dying until you get the next installment. I know I am.