My Neck Hurts From The Whiplash This Book Gave Me

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I definitely enjoyed the premise but the execution was not the best.

Spoilers in this paragraph: I wish that Mae could have just stuck with one character personality. The characters would bounce between being good to evil to good. And Zahru is captured by one of the heirs. And then kidnapped by a different. And another one. Oh wait this one wants to kill her. UGH! I was so over it but the end.

And speaking of the end, I accidentally read the last line. If you want to make your head spin and throw in some tension, definitely read it.

My favorite part of this novel was the fact that the magic can kill you. In this world, magic within you is finite. When you are drained of magic, that is the end. This means that every time you use magic, you are shortening your life. This helps to limit the "Well I can just use magic to do it!" and small situations can have big consequences.