Great but has its flaws

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I gave this book 3.5 stars out of five. Overall this was an average read that definitely had its flaws. I like the idea for the plot of this story but the writing feels too rushed sometimes. Early on in the book there is a lot of information told to us when Jet meets Zahru. And this scene between them feels like it is made longer than it has to be just to tell us all of this new information. Some of the characters actions and choices also made me annoyed. Another pet peeve I have is when there are a bunch of foreshadowings made by the protagonist about an event that the reader already knows is going to happen. There were plenty of these moments but these things can't shape my whole view of the book. With that being said the story line had me, for the majority of the time, intrigued and at some points I couldn't put it down. For this being the author's debut novel it was a pretty good read.