An amazing book!!

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Thank you to bookish first for sending me a finished copy of the kinder poison!

I thought this book was so awesome, this was a well crafted story that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time reading it.

This book is about a lowly stable girl who has the power to talk to animals (which she thinks is useless) her friend and her fake their way onto a boat one mistake leads to another and gets caught up in all the Royal sibling rivalry, now she's trapped between three of the heirs fighting for a chance to get to the finish line,may or may not having to be sacrificed to win the crown, so yeah this book was one heck of a ride.

The characters were really fleshed out and had so much emotion, but the one character I really liked was Kasta and I really don't know why he was the bad guy but I felt like he had so much potential to change and be good he was well thought out, the emotion he had I just felt bad for him, all the character design's were amazing I loved the descriptions of all the characters and the lush landscapes, the beautiful outfits and amazing magic system what more could you really want in a book than that.