A Great Fantasy YA

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"The Kinder Poison" is a YA Fantasy with a bit of romance and a lot of magic. Overall it was a great read, definitely a page turner. I plan on reading more in this series and from this author.

The main character, Zahru, is delightful though I would have loved a bit more depth and background on her, her family/friends, and her way of life. The other characters lack depth as well but I still enjoyed them all, especially the royal family. I really enjoyed the sibling rivalry and how the they interacted with each other.

The world building part of the fantasy was well done but I'm still confused about the people who live out side of the kingdom. There was a bit of history revealed but I think more would've been better. The author does a good job of giving the readers insight about magic and how it determines a person's worth, which is an important part of the story.