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Already a bestseller abroad, The Children’s Train is the English debut of one of Italy’s best new talents.

The Children's Train

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Based on true events, a heartbreaking tale of family, hope, and survival in post-World War II. Amerigo Speranza, a seven-year-old boy living in impoverished southern Italy, is sent by train to live with an adopted family up north.

The war has left the country in devastation. But in poverty-stricken Naples, life must go on. Seven-year-old Amerigo Speranza scrapes by on odd jobs and street smarts, as his distant mother Antonietta works to ensure their survival. One day, word comes of “the children’s train.” This rescue operation is said to be for the greater good – a means to send southern children north, to families that can provide them with food, warm clothes and shelter – if only temporarily.

Soon, Amerigo and hundreds of other children depart Naples, journeying across the peninsula. Once in Modena, he is welcomed into the world of the Benvenuti family, filled with school, music, farming, and a pantry full of Mortadella and Parmesan. They’re a perfect match…until the time comes for Amerigo to go back. When he returns to Naples six months later, his hometown’s deficiencies are all too apparent, and Amerigo begins to pine for the Benvenutis and warmth he left up north. The choices young Amerigo makes will follow him for the rest of his life.

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Viola Ardone

Viola Ardone was born in Naples in 1974. A high school Latin and Italian teacher, she holds a degree in literature and worked in academic publishing. She is the author of two previous novels in Italian, Le ricette del cuore in subuglio and Una revoluzzione sentimentale.

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Publisher HarperVia
Genre Historical Fiction
Publication Date Jan 12 2021
ISBN 9780062940506


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