Really different WWII story

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This book is about poor children in Italy in the aftermath of WWII who were sent to live temporarily with wealthier strangers when their parents could not afford to keep them.

This was an event in history that I was unfamiliar with before reading the book, so I really enjoyed reading something new to me. The story itself is heartwrenching. Amerigo grows up the son of a poor woman and an absent father. There is not a lot of love in his home. His mother seems incapable of showing even the smallest amount of affection. After she sends him away, he finds the love he has been missing. What was intended as a place to nourish his body, also nourished his soul. Amerigo finds what family really means. It's truly a heartwarming story that any parent would love.

I can't say anything more without spoilers, so please read it for yourself. It's a great book.