Absolutely Riveting!

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Wow! Where do I even begin with this book?? I rarely, if ever, read memoirs, but after reading the synopsis of this one I knew this was one I wanted! Thank goodness I decided to move out of my comfort zone because this book was so intriguing! The relationship between Adrienne and her mom, Malabar, was so intricate and complicated that at times it seemed hard to believe or comprehend. You could tell that Malabar had a lot of love for her daughter, but at the same time didn't know how to respect the mother/daughter boundary. I really felt for Adrienne throughout the entire book because she was a teenager dealing with things that no child should ever be put through. She was so desperate to please her mom though that she endured it all.

This book reads like a novel, so if like me you don't normally read memoirs, put that thought aside and pick this book up! I can guarantee you won't regret it!