The question we all want answered!

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Why am I so anxious? Anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety wants to know. Things that seem easy and meaningless for other people can dominate our lives for reasons we can't seem to determine.
Dr. Tracey Marks does a great job and breaking down doctor-jargon into information that is easy to consume for everyone. She talks about reasons for anxiety, different kinds of anxiety, ways to deal with anxiety, and so on, but all in a manner that is palatable for the average person. Additionally, she does it in a way that is kind and friendly, not condescending, and her writing style and juxtaposition makes the information flow evenly. I really loved how she tied anxiety into many other parts of our lives. It's amazing how interconnected everything is, and how anxiety can lead to or impact other health issues we may face.
I think this book is a must for those who deal with anxiety, and a great read for those who just want to understand more or help people they know handle their anxiety. Definitely recommend.