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Take control of your anxiety and take back your life!

Why Am I So Anxious?

Powerful Tools for Recognizing Anxiety and Restoring Your Peace

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Renowned therapist and YouTube star Dr. Tracey Marks is known for her friendly, relatable style that helps her followers recognize what's bothering them and then guides them toward practical solutions to managing their mental health issues. In Why Am I So Anxious?, Dr. Marks will help you understand many of the most common causes of anxiety, help you identify what type of anxiety you may be experiencing, and give you helpful insight on how you can self-manage your anxiety before deciding if additional treatment options are the best choice.

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Tracey Marks

Dr. Tracey Marks is known for her friendly, relatable approach to teaching followers of her YouTube channel about today's most common mental health issues. Dr. Marks is a licensed psychiatrist, but her treatment recommendations go beyond just medication and therapy; she presents her followers with a broad variety of treatment options as well as self-management tools that help guide her followers to the options that may work best for them.

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Publisher DK
Genre Self-Help
Publication Date Aug 16 2022
ISBN 9780744057041


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