Potentially helpful book for those dealing with frequent anxiety

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Why Am I So Anxious by Tracey Marks is a potentially helpful book for those dealing with frequent anxiety, as well as people who care about them.

I am, admittedly, leery of self-help books written by bloggers (with little professional background in their topic), so I value that the author is a general and forensic psychiatrist.

The first part explains the basis of anxiety, as well as different manifestations of it. Tips on managing anxiety come later in the book (and cover the gamut from prescription treatments to essential oils). The appendix is filled with resources, such as "how to recognize target symptoms," grounding exercises, and an interoceptive exposure worksheet.

This is a broad take written in approachable language for those new to learning about anxiety. I like to think it left me with a better understanding of what some might be going through, as well as different exercises for managing anxiety in daily life.