Informative book about anxiety

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“We all experience anxiety at some level. What matters most is how it affects you and how you manage it.”
In WHY AM I SO ANXIOUS?, Dr. Tracey Marks discusses the origins of anxiety and gives readers information on treatments and tools to manage anxiety.

Dr. Marks writes in a friendly tone, systematically presenting the material in a textbook-like format. Though this is an interesting read for anyone, the following readers specifically should find benefit from this book:

those with anxiety looking to better understand their diagnosis,
those who are undiagnosed and wondering if what they are experiencing is anxiety,
those who are interested in exploring alternative treatment options/tools for managing anxiety,
those who are unsure when to seek professional mental health assistance,
family/friends of someone with anxiety looking to better understand what their loved one experiences.

While WHY AM I SO ANXIOUS? is packed with information, including citing the specific DSM-5 requirements of certain conditions, I feel that the author missed an opportunity to address the shortcomings of our current health care system, specifically in the mental health field. The book helps guide the reader in when to seek professional help but does not offer advice on how to advocate for oneself to best receive proper care. There are a lot of treatment options to try, but nothing to assist someone who isn’t having success with their therapist, doesn’t feel they were accurately diagnosed, or doesn’t feel like their provider is taking their symptoms seriously. Perhaps there is some bias being that the author is a psychiatrist. It feels like the onus is left on the patient rather than acknowledging that not every healthcare provider is perfect and there are flaws in the system.

Overall, WHY AM I SO ANXIOUS? is an informative read.

Thank you to DK Penguin Random House for the finished copy.