informative about how anxiety arises

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The author relates medical facts with personal examples which is helpful. If you are an anxious person, maybe understanding why or how you get anxious could help you work through it. Some of us have nature issues, the way we were born could lead us into being anxious. Others have nuture issues and it could be the way we were raised and the issues of our parents or caretakers helped to make us be anxious.
Some anxiety is normal and can save your life in a situation where you need to listen to what is going on and take action. The fight, flight or freeze mechanism is part of our subconscious and shows the need to do something now or else.
Mostly this book didn't sound helpful to me as I don't have a problem with anxiety, but I do know others, family and friends, who could possibly benefit from reading this book. Sometimes understanding is the first step in tackling a problem to make it less of a problem.