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I think everyone should read this book. Anxiety is running wild in the world today, affecting people of all nations. While a book cannot completely heal an individual of their anxiety, it can improve it and I think that is exactly what this book could do for its readers. First off, I think the cover of this book really grabs attention and shows what anxiety is like. It is feeling like you are barely being held together and might break soon and the picture of the rope on its last thread shows that very well. I thought it was great that the author, Doctor Tracey Marks, began by describing the biology of anxiety. I think in order to be treated for anxiety, one needs to first know how it works. Dr. Marks did this well and in a way that readers who are not doctors or psychologists can also understand. I also liked that Doctor Marks shared possible treatments for anxiety. Overall this is a very good book that I believe could be very helpful to many in our generation.