I think this book is inspiring

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I suffer from general anxiety and social anxiety as well as bipolar disorder. It's very hard for me to stop being anxious once I start, and it would definitely be a great insight if I could pinpoint why I am anxious so that maybe I can help find myself some peace. I'd love to be a calm, present, healthy person but it is not that easy for me to do.
The impression I got from this book is that it is going to help soooo many people. That's what we all need, even just a little bit, right? To heal. To be able to identify what is going on in our minds. This book is a tool for people with a serious mental illness and frankly gets right down to the root of the problem so that you can remedy it instead of just surviving through it. As a woman with anxiety that is exhausted over it, I can confidently say this book is going to be a huge winner. It's absolutely the type of book that I'd read, and the type that I'd recommend to friends as well!