Halfway through and I feel more educated than ever before!

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Dr. Tracy Marks does an excellent job of breaking down and explaining the mechanics at work behind Anxiety without talking down to the reader. For anyone who has read books by medical professionals, that is a tough job. (Usually the tone is too clinical and esoteric, or it is broken down so simply that it feels like baby-talk.) But in "Why Am I So Anxious?" Dr. Marks assumes the reader is smart enough to follow along with her explanations and the result is an information-packed, readable exploration of the physical, emotional, psychological, and sociological forces that create anxiety. As someone who has struggled with Anxiety for years, I felt I was pretty knowledgeable about the mechanics and effects of general anxiety and panic disorder. However, this book has taught me more in the first 150 pages than I had learned before.

And this book isn't just for those afflicted with anxiety disorders. This book is a great resource for those who live with someone struggling with anxiety. By explaining what is happening behind the scenes and exploring the causes and effects, readers will walk away with a new understanding and compassion for those with anxiety issues. Also, even for those who don't have a systemic anxiety disorder, but still find themselves worrying and stressing out, Dr. Mark's book is a great way to learn more about what's going on in your own head and ways you can help reduce those overwhelming feelings.