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Why Am I So Anxious? was an excellent read. As a person with GAD and panic disorder (and a great therapist!), I’m always on the lookout for new tools to help me manage my mental health.

This book seems to be designed as more of an overview for those newer to anxiety, or perhaps suffering from temporary anxiety or newly diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. It would also be a great refresher for anxiety disorder veterans, and I think my husband will find it to be an easy-to-understand handbook, and give him additional tools and knowledge as someone married to an anxious person.

The background section was interesting and easy to read. I enjoyed that the author made brain science relatable. That’s not an easy task! I also really liked that subsequent chapters were easy to follow, had clear structure, were written in a way that you didn’t get bogged down, and each chapter had a specific point.

Regarding interventions—i always love when a new anxiety book comes out that pushes lifestyle changes and CAM therapies in addition to traditional ones. There is an abundance of science showing that lifestyle factors can make an impact on treatment success, and this book made those factors (and related suggested changes) easy to understand.

Read if you: are looking for a relatable book on anxiety and anxiety disorders, want extra credit with your therapist, or love someone with anxiety and don’t know where to start educating yourself.