Find out if you are an anxious person

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I have recently found out I have anxiety. Even when a doctor told me my sone had anxiety, not ADD, I attributed it to his father, since his father is a nervous type of person. Little did I know, what I was feeling wasn't how everyone feels. I like how the author, Dr. Tracey Marks, writes about not just what anxiety is, but how to recognize it and solutions to "restore your peace." My favourite chapters are: 1) Understanding the Different Aspects of Anxiety, 3) Other Anxious Conditions, 8) Mind Tools. My favourite Appendixes are: A) How to Recognize Target Symptoms, B) Which Tools Help What, C) Aromatherapy Recipes and Tips, D) Emotions Chart, E) Grounding Exercises, F) Interceptive Exposure Worksheet. I love that she believes in essential oils, and that there are exercises that aren't yoga. I really don't like Yoga. And she is on Youtube, so I can access extra information any time!