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The excerpt really got me interested in learning how the brain and body react to stress, whether real or perceived. The author is very good at explaining the relationship between the different parts of the brain and the body and how various hormones and brain chemicals affect our perception of the world and what goes on around us without being too clinical or scientific.

I found the writer to be engaging and knowledgeable which kept me interested in reading further and learning more. The subject matter could be very dry and factual but Dr. Marks has a way of explaining the material in a way that is easy to understand, using easily relatable metaphors to help illustrate how the brain and body are connected and how anxiety and stress are perceived and processed.

Reading through the sneak peek has me evaluating my life and the way I have reacted to issues that have plagued me. I really think this book can help people who are genuinely interested in understanding their stress, anxiety and depression in a meaningful way.