Excellent, Easy-to-Read, and Helpful!

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"Why Am I So Anxious?" is very eye-opening, informative, and arrived into my life with perfect timing! It is not your run-of-the-mill self-help book. It is written by a doctor and broken down into easy-to-read segments with tools, exercises, steps, recipes, etc., that show you how to choose elements that feel comfortable and helpful to your current state of anxiety so you can design a path that leads you to a more peaceful existence. The book will be very helpful for anyone recognizing the need for just a boost to become "unstuck", a feeling of clarity for confirmation, or deeper help as to what is the source/reason for their particular state of being. There is a friendliness and comfort in the writing which makes the medical descriptions of particular details and explanations not intimidating as would very dry clinical language. Do yourself a favor and get a copy for yourself or a dear friend or family member who has reached out for advice. Highly recommended!