Anxiety Answers

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Let's face it the past few years would make anyone anxious from time to time. This book is a great resource for anyone on the Anxious or Anxiety road.

Dr. Marks starts by giving us clear easy to understand information about Anxiety. Her descriptions and approach are meant for normal people and they aren't full of Jargon and medical terms. Once we have a better understanding of what we are dealing with she dives into different ways to address our symptoms and the root causes.

I found the which tools for what chart, the aromatherapy recipes, and the grounding exercises the most helpful for me, but she provides so many choices including mind and body rules, worksheets for exposure experience as well as therapies and medication.

I now feel like I understand the causes and I have a choice of things I can do to address them. I wouldn't say I feel free, but I do feel like this weight is not as heavy as it was.