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Thank you BookishFirst, DK Penguin Random House, and Dr. Tracey Marks for my winning copy of Why Am I So Anxious?

I'm really blown away by this book. It provides so much information that I have yet to come across in my own journey with generalized anxiety disorder. I grew up being an anxious child, but after weaning off medication I had been prescribed for depression, I had my very first panic attack. I thought I was a goner. I spent most of 2020-2021 exploring what caused that panic attack, what was causing my constant fear and why my anxiety was so bad. I went back to therapy and then went back on the medication I was taking. I'm so elated that I won this book! It was a sign that I needed to read this!
I really enjoyed Dr. Tracey Marks's "Understanding the Different Aspects of Anxiety." One thing in particular that caught my attention was "The Role of the Default-Mode Network." "The DMN works like this: When you are not actively thinking about something, your brain's default state is to think about things from the past and present. It's like having a video running in the background that doesn't get your attention but fills your mental space." Reading this was like an "ah-ha!" moment for me. This is definitely something my brain does constantly!
I also really enjoyed Chapter 6 "Complementary and Alternative Treatments." I've read so much information on different supplements that can possibly help anxiety. It was great that Dr. Marks provided such detailed information on supplements and then her actual thoughts on those supplements.
Lastly, I really, really appreciated "Which Tools Help What." Dr. Marks made a chart of problems/situations and what tools she suggest would help in those instances.
I'm so happy I found this book! This book read like a labor of love. Through Dr. Marks's writing style and all the research, you can tell that a lot of time and energy went into writing this book. This book is unlike any other book I've read on Anxiety. I highly, highly recommend reading this if you have anxiety and/or panic attacks.