Who Killed Jerusalem Review?

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I have been putting off writing this review for a while now it would seem so i'm just going to force myself to sit down and write it! I would give this book a generous 3 stars, and i will also add this book was just really not my cup of tea and was extremely long. Not something i would reread.

Found it just really hard to get into this book not going to lie lol By the end i did find myself at least fully understanding what was going on but still not super into reading what was going on? If that makes sense lol I would recommend it if i knew someone who was super into very long books with lots of drawn out plots though...again it was just not my cup of tea though.

Overall the characters and story itself wasn't bad, just very long and because of the length at times i felt it was hard to follow, and i listened to an audiobook, i do not think i would have been able to finish this in print copy.