So bad

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First it’s much much too long. Second I’m not sure there isn’t a group the writer doesn’t insult, especially women.

This could have been a fun read with bizarre characters but instead it’s disturbing full of characters that are one dimensional and despite being weird are boring.

Ded is the worst. He’s somehow everything all at once. Arrogant and full of self esteem issues. A genius who is a complete idiot. No social skills but manages to befriend everyone.

Then there are the weird things that happen. The chauffeur can’t drive but never seems to attract the attention of the police, even while driving up the stairs of a hotel. Murder attempts that the police never inspect and leave everything up to Ded to do.

Then the classic mystery ending but by that point I had forgotten it was even a mystery novel. The killer was obvious for anyone who has ever read a mystery novel.