Good Take on a Murder Mystery

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I will not lie I did not love this book. It seems to me as though it was about 100-200 pages longer than it truly needed to be. In addition to that there were moments of childish, boyish humor that may have just not been my cup of tea.

The storyline of the murder itself was very captivating. I read the entirety of the book because I truly wanted to know who killed Ickey Jerusalem. I do not read w whole of of murder mysteries but I enjoy the genre. I think the main problem that I had reading this was that the author was very long winded. There were scenes that went on forever that did not need to in my opinion and there were scenes that went by like a flash that could have had more detail.

The humor itself was not for me for sure. All the jokes that I seemed to find throughout this story were at the expense of women or about boobs. At one point the author takes several pages talking about a woman as if she was a cow. Calling her boobs utters and the whole shebang.

It was a good story but you'd never catch me reading it for a second time around.