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If I remember correctly, my First Impression was five stars, and I said, "I like Ded and O'Nadir and I'm not very sure what's happened except that a man is dead and Ded will figure out how." Even after reading, there are still many points where I've been confused as to how the conclusion was made. For example, early on in the book, it's implied Beulah is from North Dakota, which either implies Ded knows her, but that string isn't readdressed either, so it seems to just come up from nowhere. As a disclaimer, after Part 2 I was mainly skimming so I might've missed that detail (to anyone who sees this, please let me know if I did). Anyways, I liked the story enough to finish it, but I found some of the references, especially the names off-putting because I didn't understand them. There's a part at the beginning that says you don't need to know William Blake's works to enjoy the story, and that is for the most part true, but I do think that if you knew Blake's works, like I didn't, you would've enjoyed them more. It feels like this book was written for a very niche group of readers, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.