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I haven't read any of his works, so I wasn't sure if I would get this one, but let me just say it was entertaining! It reflects on William Blake's poetic oeuvre, but becomes strangely wrapped into surreal moments. When I wasn't paying attention and allowing the abnormal mystery play out, a jolt would hit me and the characters became farm animals. If you are familiar with Plato and Socrates, then you might recall experiencing some of these mind-blowing induced sightings...LOL. Besides the uncanny metamorphose, some of the scenes are laugh-out-loud although crude humor! This mystery to solve is a little different than what I normally read, but I did enjoy it! It was crazy at its best! Loved it...NO.... but I listened to it on audio over a period of two weeks since the audio is 20 hours. I saw it on Instagram and suckered into it. Plus, they are giving away a free trip to San Francisco to meet some of the poets. Did I understand all of it? No, but entertained.

The time period is the 70's and the mystery to solve is in the title Who Killed Jerusalem? Ickey is found on a flight to California dead on a toilet. With a bag around his head, hands tied and the door locked. He is a famous poet laureate, so who would possibly kill him or was it self-inflicted? He was not alone! There are people he knows traveling with him.

When Det O'Nadir calls Ded Smith to investigate, it was a compliment to his intelligence and philosophical views. Several clues are dropped, but not before staking out all of Jerusalem's past indulges which some are far fetched. When Ded gets into Jerusalem's mind-set, it reveals some strange dreams, a sister's funeral and some hilarious encounters. Depending on how close Ded will get on the case, his life may also be on the line.

Ded is the protagonist with a strange sense of humor, but very intelligent. He accepts the challenge but it also requires him to investigate his own life and his disastrous marriage.
Thank you NetGalley and Galbraith Literary Publishers, Media Book for sending me this audio to review.