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I'm not really the biggest fan of dogs, don't get me wrong I have nothing against them. But they really really scare me, I always worry that they will go and bite me or something. I've never been exactly sure about what they were thinking. So a book about dogs? This was something I was very very hesitant on reading, but you know what I'm glad I gave it a chance. This book dealt with heavy topics, I did not quite expect that. This is not just a book about dogs, it is one about love and friendship. This was not a cute dog story at all, it was a touching one instead about much darker topics. So I am really glad I gave this a try, it was good. The writing style was something I liked as well. But I have to say this book is really cliche, it just has so many overused sad cliche lines. This book is good if you want a heavy heart, don't be fooled by the cover, it is definitely dark, but it is pretty good.