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(𝙱) A chance encounter leads CBS News correspondent, Martha Teichner, to take in a dying woman’s elderly dog, Harry. He’s a Bull Terrier, just like her dear dog, Minnie. What follows is a story about her love of these two dogs, new connections, unexpected friendship, and letting go.

(𝙻) It’s charming and touching. Dog lovers will especially enjoy the canine personalities and antics described.

(𝚄) It will have you thinking about the many ways pets shape the lives of their owners through the connections they make with others (dogs and humans).

(𝙴) I tend to shy away from dogs due to lack of experience, which is probably why I didn’t entirely connect with this story the same way I suspect pet lovers will. However, it did give me a greater appreciation for one’s devotion to these beloved animals. I’m happy to have read it. We need more uplifting books like this one right now.

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